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UTT#30: Interview With Greg Carlwood From Higherside Chats
UTT#29: Transhumanism And Technological Unemployment
UTT#28: Interview With Secret Service Expert Vince Palamara
Greg Carlwood is host for the show "The Higherside Chats" as well as owner of the T-Shirt line "Conspiratees". His show was nominated for "Best Overall Podcast" in 2012 by The People's Choice Podcast Awards and his clothing line has some T-Shirts with some amazing artwork available. Greg has interviewed many innovative guests on his show and always discusses interesting and important subject matter.
Truth is stranger than fiction, and this episode of Unveiling The Truth may seem like it's straight out of a sci-fi thriller like The Twilight Zone. There is some serious factors to be taken into consideration as we evolve into cyborgs and develop new technologies for sustainability. We are just beginning to see the implications of this and what is in store for the future needs to be considered now before many people are taken in by the gadgets and technologies of the future.
Vince Palamara is the world’s leading Secret Service expert. His extensive knowledge in the JFK assassination has led him to interview over 80 Secret Service agents and has appeared on the History Channel, C-Span and several other programs. He is also the author of "Survivor's Guilt". The book took over 20 years to research and write and is a compelling look into the Secret Service's role in the operation that took the President's life.
Joining the show today are the organizer's for the upcoming "Modern Knowledge Tour", Christopher Russak and David Whitehead. The Modern Knowledge Tour will be traveling across Canada combining unique speakers and their vast knowledge and experience to share with audiences in tour locations. Some of the tour speakers include Richard Dolan, Michael Tellinger, Michael Tsarion, Stanton Friendman, G. Edward Griffin, Jim Marrs and many more innovative speakers.
Millions of people die from cancer each year, and a simple google image search for "cancer rates" clearly indicates an epidemic is currently taking place. What caused this to happen, and why is there nothing being done about it? Could the cancer industry really be suppressing cures for profits and nefarious reasons? The truth to this matter may be shocking, but the information in this broadcast needs to be common knowledge and many cures will be discussed.
Rob built his first website in 1994 and was immediately hooked on developing web technologies. In 2000, he was handed a copy of Behold A Pale horse and he suddenly realised that the world around him was being manipulated by someone or something and it was destroying humanity. In 2003 he started doing podcasts and in 2011 he would go on to establish Conspiracy HQ as an alternative news site which includes his own weekly podcast's under the Conspiracy HQ name.
UTT#27: Modern Knowledge Tour Special
UTT#26: The Worldwide Cancer Scheme
UTT#25: Interview With Rob Daven From Conspiracy HQ
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